What you need to know about constructing rock walls securely

Many homeowners use natural materials in the construction of their dwellings to embrace and blend with the idyllic natural environment in our region. Rocks are a very commonly used material for purposes that are both form and function. Rock walls are widely used as retaining walls to retain landscaping and house foundations as well as decorative features.

Berry Excavations are experts in the construction of rock walls and we share important information for home owners looking to install this type of structure on their property.


Retaining Rock Walls

Retaining walls are used both in landscaping and to secure housing sites. The word ‘retaining’ should be a hint at the importance of these structures being built securely. Their purpose is to retain or hold back the materials, predominantly soil and earth, from moving, sliding and impinging onto the property and potentially causing damage. Retaining walls can be built from a range of materials including masonry, bricks, timber and rocks.

Fortunately, there are laws in place which stipulate many of the details around retaining wall construction. Walls that are under a metre high do not require a structural engineer to design the wall. The Queensland building laws require that walls over a height of 1 metre and/or within a 1.5 metre distance to the property boundary require the property owner to secure a building permit. In addition the construction must be supervised by a licensed structural engineer. To review the laws and application process:

When engaging Berry Excavations to handle the preparatory excavations and construction works of your retaining rock wall, our experts will explain the process involved specific to your property.

Due to their purpose, retaining rock walls need to be professionally designed, engineered and constructed. Provide suitable drainage which is particular important in our area and withstand pressure. A poorly built retaining wall is a potential hazard and a threat to property and possibly life. Engaging specialists to handle this critical task is strongly recommended.


Feature Rock Walls

Rocks are widely used by landscapers and architects to create feature walls and structures both inside and outside a property. The team at Berry work closely with landscape designers and architects to bring their designs to life. Our expert excavators and operators excavate to the precise specifications in the plans and utilise our rock break machines to break the rocks into the required shapes and sizes to build the wall.


Engage with Specialists

Whatever the purpose of your rock walls, Berry Excavations has the equipment, expertise and the experience to ensure retaining walls and feature rock walls are constructed safely and securely.


To discuss how Berry Excavations can build a rock wall as a feature or as a retaining wall on your property, contact us on 07 4946 1370


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