The Right Excavator

Choosing the right excavator for your next project is as easy as dialling 4946 1370!

Seriously, Berry Excavations have the right excavator for every job and you know what the best bit is?! They will even come out to you and listen to what you are aiming to achieve. From there, they will pick the perfect operator and the perfect machine to ensure you get the perfect job for the perfect price.

Let’s say you have just bought your very first block of land and you want to install your house footings. All you need to do is call Linda on 4946 1370 and chances are that Russel will be out to see you within 24 hours to have a look at the job. Russel will discuss with you about the right excavator for the job and the best time of day to complete the work! Now depending on the access to the property Russel might suggest that the Berry Excavations 5.5 tonne mini excavator would be best because it has nice soft rubber tracks that will be perfect for crossing over your newly laid driveway. Or perhaps Russel might suggest that the Berry Excavations 6.5 tonne mini excavator with steel tracks would be best as it could get the job done faster!

Got a tight spot? They have the perfect solution for that too! With a 5.5 tonne zero-swing excavator as part of their machinery arsenal; pipe laying, trenching and footing installation in those tricky positions is no longer a problem what-so-ever. The zero-swing excavator can swivel in the tightest of spaces, so you can still enjoy the benefits of the power and performance you need to successfully complete the job.

Berry Excavations also have a range of accessories for their excavators too. Their augers are great time savers for post holes and fencing. Their hammers are awesome for getting stubborn rocks out of the ground and their rock grabs are superb for removing and placing rocks for retaining walls.

Ok, now let’s say you want to build a dam on your property! Again, all you would need to do is contact Linda and she will arrange for Russel to assess your project. Once Russel has had a look at

the job, he would organise for a 20, 21 or 27 tonne machine to arrive on your block on the day specified to do the work. The size of the machine would simply depend on just how big you would like your dam to be! So just remember, in certain earthmoving situations the bigger the machine, the bigger the power and the more cost effective the work can be achieved per hour.

The jobs that Berry Excavation’s machinery can do, doesn’t stop there! No matter whether you want a terraced rockwall, a subdivision, some roadworks or trenches, they will absolutely have the right excavator for your job. So talk to them today!

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