Spring into Summer with a new Swimming Pool!

According to the Bureau of Meteorology the Whitsundays is in for another long steamy summer this year! So, if during last Summer’s heatwave you found yourself dreaming of slipping into a cool backyard pool (with a nice cool drink in hand of course!), then right now is the perfect time to spring into action!!


Getting your pool foundation excavated and your pool installed during Spring, means that you and your friends will get full use out of your new pool throughout the summer. And let’s be honest, having a new pool will definitely encourage more friends and family to suddenly pop over for chat and a quick dip on those balmy afternoons!


Thankfully Berry Excavations has helped a number of new Pool Owners to get their favourite spot in the backyard ready for their new pool. No matter what shape your new pool is, our team will have the right equipment. With our zero-swing excavator, we can even squeeze into the tightest of spaces and our machinery can access your chosen pool area with minimal impact to your property.


Once the work beings, we carefully remove all of the vegetation and top soil required and regardless of whether it will be for an in-ground or above-ground pool, our precision levelling will create a solid foundation for your new tropical oasis.


Should we find any rocks or other hard materials whilst we are excavating the area, we will simply bring in our hammers and rock grabs to move the rocks out of the way. Mind you, some of these rocks can actually make beautiful tropical garden features depending on their size and colourings and our team is more than happy to put them in place for you too. Alternatively, we can bring in one of our fleet of trucks to remove and discard any unwanted materials and dirt, so that your pool installers can get started straight away.


So don’t sit there sweltering this Summer! Spring into action, pick your favourite pool and contact our friendly excavation team on (07) 4946 1370. Then all that will be left to do is to start planning your very first pool party! Bombs away!


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