Smooth Sailing with Subdivisions

Berry Excavations has been creating subdivisions for 20 years and in that time, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. We’re experts in all things subdivision and can take your land development project from start to finish while remaining both on time and on budget. This is why we make the perfect partner for new and experienced land developers.


We’re experts in excavation and earthworks and can take your land from uncleared mess to perfectly prepared plots ready for new luxury homes to be constructed. Allowing us to handle your subdivision will make smooth sailing out of creating sellable lots.


We have all the machinery required for clearing land of all kinds of debris. Our rock breakers can take care of any unwanted rocks with ease, and we can haul the materials away with our fleet of tipper trucks. We also have the right equipment necessary for removing bothersome trees, adding road infrastructure, and digging utility trenches. We’ll have your land cleared in a flash!


The benefit of choosing a company with as much experience as us is that we understand the process of subdividing very well. We have a regular team of plumbers, electricians, telecommunication installers, and more. We work very closely with surveyors and engineers to ensure we can predict problems before they arise.


In terms of services we offer, we really are a one stop shop. If you are considering a land development, feel free to make a time to discuss your plans with us, as we are more than happy to provide free quotes, guidance and our expertise to ensure your subdivision is a huge success.


In the past we have worked in partnership with the developers, engineers and project teams for Sugarloaf, Paluma, Kookaburra Drive Estate (Stage 1) and Mountain View Road in Woodwark. We would love nothing more than to help you achieve your goals with your next subdivision like we have done before with these successful developments.


If you would like your subdivision project to be smooth sailing, please contact Linda on (07) 4946 1370 for more information or email us with your project details at


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