Linda’s Labour of Love

As you all know, February is renowned as the month of love. Therefore, this month we thought we would take the opportunity to peel back the layers of our fearless leader, Linda Berry, and let’s discover what it is about excavation that makes Linda’s heart flutter.


It might surprise you to learn that Linda’s journey began in Melbourne, where she grew up and lived for the first 30 years of her life. In Melbourne she worked in all kinds of positions, like warehousing administration, procurement of aviation communication equipment, as well as working with impressive government contracts.


While Linda worked hard during the day in male-dominated industries, there’s another side to Linda that you may not have known about. When Linda was nineteen, she started studying on the side in the field of fashion drafting and design. She became formally qualified as a fashion designer and spent much of her free time freelancing and creating beautiful garments such as leather jackets and skirts, period costumes and debutante dresses. Even at this time Linda had a keen eye for business opportunities. She noticed in the 1980’s that there was a lack of children’s fashion. She embraced the opportunity and focused heavily in this area for five years, creating garments for newborns all the way up to five-year-olds.


After moving to Airlie Beach with her young family, Linda started working as a teacher’s aide, assisting children with special needs. She did this for a few years while doing admin work for Berry Excavations in her spare time. She eventually left education to work full time for Berry Excavations and became the managing director in 2013.


Linda loves the technical side of working in excavation and has found her background in textile drafting and design very helpful with some aspects of the job, such as scaling and engineering. While the team choose not to let Linda loose behind the wheel of an excavator, she loves nothing more than working with her tight knit small team of highly skilled operators, engineers, surveyors and everyday Mums and Dads.

Berry Excavations has always been a family-run operation, and Linda intends to keep it that way. Funnily enough it’s the women in the family that have the love of excavation. Her daughter Shaina works for the company remotely while studying at university in Brisbane. Her two sons, Jay and Blake, have worked for the family business as well.


Linda really loves working in regional areas as she believes regional Queensland has a lot to offer. Over the last twenty years Berry Excavations has built a strong business foundation and into the future Linda really wants Berry Excavations to be at the forefront of innovation in the earthmoving industry. She has big plans, but we won’t spoil anything here.


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