How the roads built your life

As you drive around town on your way to the office, school or a shopping centre have you noticed how smooth your drive is? Let’s say you are jogging on a footpath or strolling around the neighbourhood for a walk, do you think about how pleasant it is to do your daily routines with a perfectly paved asphalt footpath or road?

We are not talking about the feel of the type of vehicle you are driving or the kind of shoes you are wearing. Instead, we are emphasising one of the most important aspects that connect communities and grow a town’s economy, the road infrastructure.

Isn’t it amazing how we use roads almost every day in our lives, and yet we often pay little attention to them. At times, it is easy forget the significance of travelling along a well-built and well-designed road. Our road infrastructures ultimately connect each and every one of us. Not just to essential support services such as hospitals, our work and the local grocery store, but it also connects us with our loved ones all over the country.

While the process of designing, creating and building roads may seem a bit daunting and intricate for many, here at Berry Excavations it is something that we look after quite a lot. We have recently completed the re-designed Pringle Road on the way to Freedom Shores. We have created roads at Mountain View, Paluma and Pearl Street at Valley Drive as well as Buttermans Road, Berry Hill Road and Shaina Court in Sugarloaf, just to name a few.

Fortunately, our solid knowledge and experience over the past 20 years has given us countless opportunities to work on all kinds of road building projects.

At this point, you may also be wondering about the type of projects that our professional team can handle as well as the machines we use to build roads. Firstly, we use only highest quality equipment such as 27-tonne excavators, rippers, rollers and a team of trained operators.

Our team is also highly experienced in building roads for residential, commercial and subdivisions, thus, making any drive into town or out to the suburbs a smooth and pleasant experience.

Whether you want to build, widen, or even change a roads surface, it is no longer a complicated task with our Team. We also work closely with your chosen engineer to ensure that you receive the best outcome for your project. Berry Excavations has the experience and professionalism to overcome any road building challenge and we will ensure that your project is not only completed but it is completed to the highest industry standards.

To learn more about engaging our Team for a road building project, or any other civil work projects, please call us on 07 49461370 or feel free to email your plans through to

Take the high road with Berry Excavations!

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