Hey Kids?! We Are Now Land Developers!

Have you always thought that creating a land subdivision was only for big commercial developers who have pockets full of cash? Well, think again! There is a rising trend in Australia where savvy Mum’s & Dad’s, just like you, are strategically subdividing their land and lining their own pockets with wads of cash instead!


In years gone by having a large backyard for your kids to run around in and play a game of backyard cricket with the entire neighbourhood in attendance was ‘the norm’. It wasn’t uncommon for families to own at least a quarter of an acre in town.


However, fast forward a decade or two and now with our lifestyles being busier than ever and with modern technology captivating more of our attention, the size of our backyards is becoming less of a desire and more of a chore. For some of us busy Mum’s and Dad’s the sheer thought of manicuring a 1000m2 of lawn is just too tiring to comprehend.


So, what should you do if the land you are on is bigger than your desire to maintain it? Well perhaps it is time to look at the potential of becoming a land developer? It is honestly not as hard as you may think!


In the Whitsundays Area we have the potential to create a subdivision as little as 400m2 for a Major Centre Zone! If you are on rural residential then you’ll need at least 8000m2 (approx. 2 acres) to create two rural blocks and if want to create a low to medium density residential subdivision, then you’ll need at least 900m2 to create two 450m2 parcels of paradise. All of which are the perfect size for constructing the average modern home which should only take up approximately 237m2 of this new land.


Assisting people with Mum & Dad Subdivisions is one of the areas where Berry Excavations passion really shines. We love nothing more than assisting new land developers to cut up a block that was

larger than what they needed and to work with them to break it into smaller income producing blocks. We also work with you to create any necessary road infrastructure depending on the size of the subdivision as well as driveways and cross over access from the public road to each parcel of land. Our support doesn’t stop there either! We are also craftsmen when it comes to earthworks, so we don’t only assist with cutting up the blocks, we can also level them, preparing for footings and we can install the utility trenches in precisely the right spot.


Many people are simply unaware just how easy it is to become a land developer and with Berry Excavations on your development team, the process is smooth, hassle free and dare we say ‘fun’! So, if you are living on a larger-than-necessary plot of land, why not talk to our team about the potential of creating an income producing piece of land!


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