5 Excavation tips for the New Year

As we welcome in the new year, many of us start to think about the impact that the 2018 wet season can have on our properties and projects.

With the Whitsundays region expecting its heaviest rainfall during December to April, we thought it would be timely to share some helpful tips on how you can enjoy the 1000mm of rain that we are expected to receive, rather than discover how unprepped your property is when mother nature turns on the taps.

Let’s discover Berry Excavations top 5 tips for the New Year!

Tip # 1 Make sure that all of your drains are clear and clog-free

Excessive water retention around your property can cause not just headache, but it can cost you a lot of money as well. A clogged drainage system can cause unnecessary flooding, staining, pooling and damage to foundations. So it is important to check all of your drainages for any obstructions and to ensure that your property has clear pathways for the water to exit. Making sure that both your interior drains and exterior drains are in perfect working order before we receive a lot of rain can save you a lot of potential heart ache in the long run. If you need help in clearing your properties drainage channels, then you can always get in touch with Berry Excavations for guidance.

Tip # 2 Ensure that your driveways are accessible

One of the problems caused by excessive rainfall, especially on rural properties and when the rain occurs in a short period of time, is an inaccessible driveway. This can be caused by inappropriate water flow, scattered debris, soil movement and even rubbish being pushed by the water. To have your driveway cleared from any obstruction it could mean some work on your part. You may need to use a shovel for small, lightweight materials or you may need to call us in to give you a hand with our machinery. For instance, we can assist you to re-level a gravel driveway that has been washed away, we can help you by grading a pre-existing driveway to remove ruts or we could simply redirect your driveway’s run off drains to somewhere more suitable. We are always happy to inspect the area for you and to provide you with the best advice to tackle your individual situation.

Tip # 3 Complete all Civil Works before the wet season

If you are having some building work completed it is always preferred to aim to complete the project prior to the wet season. If that simply wasn’t possible, aim to complete the footing and foundations of your home or establishment as quickly as possible; and be sure to check the 7 day forecast before starting. Once your footing and foundations are completed move onto having your installed pipework capped off to prevent rain water entering your plumbing system. If you are concerned about any upcoming weather events, it is always a good idea to talk to your builders and contractors, so that they can guide you towards the right solutions.

Tip # 4 Build retaining walls to prevent erosion

Erosion is another problem that is common in the rainy season, and in order to avoid erosion, our tip is to build sturdy retaining walls. Retaining walls can be built to different heights and widths, depending on what you need in your area to stop soil and banks from washing away. Retaining walls are also really helpful for redirecting water to more suitable locations away from your property. Berry Excavations has a number of services that help prevent erosion from occurring.

Tip # 5 Fill up your water tanks

While it is true that if we aren’t prepared for the wet season, that we can cause ourselves a headache or two. It is also true that there are some wonderful benefits to all this rainfall as well. For instance, we can fill up our water tanks to increase our water supply brought in by the excessive rainfall. So, take the time to have Berry Excavations install a few new water tank pads and have your new tanks ready to capture Mother Nature’s liquid bounty.

Being prepared for the wet season and implementing these 5 tips is great way to kick off a worry free 2018!

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Thanks for these excavation tips. I didn’t know that it could be good to have some work done before the wet season. I’m kind of interested to learn how long this work could take depending on what you are doing. Maybe knowing this could help someone plan ahead and make sure they give themselves enough time to have it completed.

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